Obtaining Permission

Obtaining Permission for a Memorial

Written permission has to be obtained from the management authorities of a churchyard or cemetery before a memorial can be erected. Set In Stone’s memorial mason can arrange this for you.

Cemeteries and churchyards usually have regulations that govern what kinds of memorials they will allow, which may include content and types of inscriptions, ornamentation, and sometimes the style of a memorial. They need to be checked because these regulations differ from location to location. Again your memorial mason will be able to assist with this.

Sometimes there is special areas set-aside to bury cremated remains. Others allow headstones and plaques to be erected on the individual plots. Again your memorial mason should have full details.

If you are considering placing another sort of memorial, like a bench, you will have to get permission from the local authority if it is to be in a park or public place, or the landowner if it is to be on private land.