Choosing a Memorial

Choosing a memorial to mark the final resting place of someone you love with a memorial and memorials can take many forms. We are all familiar with traditional stone memorials erected in cemeteries or churchyards, or placing plaques to mark the spot where ashes have been scattered. There is also the option of having a memorial bench or commissioning a piece of personal sculpture or artwork. The memorial is a lasting symbol of remembrance and a tribute to your loved one’s life.

Because a memorial is a lasting monument  and a tribute to a person’s life, perhaps a final gift to someone dearly loved, it is important to choose it carefully.

Hasty decisions made while still in great distress frequently result in later regrets, so it can be sensible to wait – and to spend time selecting a suitable design.

Memorials used to be generally square cut because of the cost. Today this is no longer true because modern machinery permits an enormous choice of shapes of headstones. Click here to see our standard shapes or e-mail us using our Enquiry Form if you have a specific shape in mind.

Do not get rushed into making a hasty decision. Talk to friends about the type of memorial you want. Make sure the Memorial Mason you chose has the correct training and can produce a memorial that will be as you envisage it.

We have produced some helpful guides to help you choose a Memorial: